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This key cutting machine has 4 models. they are 7.00mm 7.3mm 7.5mm 7.8mm.
This item is 7.8mm version.
A. Measurement of foot home with key measurement of the depth of the tank pit, and were recorded accordingly.
B. Insert the key with the key device body axis, and rotation at the trough positioning device with the 0 key.
C. First sub-degree scale knob engraved line at 0 degrees will be sub-knob with key inserted and the corresponding device key billet handle.
D. Copy cutting.
1. Will be to the degree of control knob (1) position.
2. By a record number indexing knob (1) corresponds to a scale that measured value (depth): 4 is the button depth control knob to position No. 4.
3. The cutting knife knob with key device inserted inside the body, one hand force to push the index knob inward, cutting the other hand knob clockwise to the direction of rotation of cutting (first slot) to limit the depth and will pulled out knives.
4. Rotary knob on the second sub-degree chutes, according to the same method of cutting, and so on, all seven slots after cutting, will be pulling out knob degrees, remove the key, that is the end of replication. In accordance with its teeth so fast without key key, no power
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1 x 7.8mm Manipulation Tubular Computerized Key Cutting Machine

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