Where: delivered to my place?
We can send goods internationally to over 200 countries.

Delivered to your Door?
Door to door:

  • If sent by Air Mail, DHL, EMS, Special Line, the service is door to door.

  • If your parcel is delayed by the customs office(not very often), you need go to pay the duty by yourself.(In some places they collect the money when they deliver the parcel to you.)

Not door to door:

  • If sent by Air Cargo, it’s airport to airport.

  • If sent by by sea from port to port.

Is the shipping free?

  • The shipping is not free without explicit explanation.

  • You can have your order picked up from our warehouse and in this case we don’t charge shipping fee.

How much and how to estimate the shipping cost?
The shipping fee is charged according to the total weight your order. You can request the shipping price list to your country/region by sending an email with a title “shipping list for (your country) ”.
The shipping price will update itself once the weight of online shopping cart is updated, you can see the shipping price from the shopping cart after you choose some shipping method and the destination country.
All the shipping fee is the final price, the price will be changed once or twice each year.

Which shipping method to choose?
You can choose the cheapest shipping method if you are not urgent, or choose the fastest one if you want to get the goods more quickly.
For example,
    usually the shipping method of “air mail” is cheaper but slower,
    usually the shipping method of “DHL” is more expensive but faster.

Delivery Procedures and Timescales
Your order will be shipped out within 2 business days after the payment is received.
It takes 3~45 days for the parcel to be delivered.
If you need CO/FORMA or export license, it takes 2 business days for us to apply and get.

           Shipping method

Destination countries

Predicted Dates times

Air mail/
           AIR MAIL Package

Singapore \ Malaysia \ Indonesia \ Philippines \ Thailand and most Asia countries
           USA \ Canada

10~25 Days

Europe Countries,  ustria \ New Zealand

15~30 Days

South America, Africa and other locations

25~45 Days


Big cities of Asia countries

3~7 Days

Most cities of USA\Canada\Western Europe

3~10 Days

Other locations

5~15 Days


Big cities of Asia countries


Most cities of USA\Canada\Western Europe


Other locations


Special Line

DPEX \ Aramex \ other lines

Usually faster than EMS but slower than DHL


By bus, by air cargo, by sea

Please contact us

Will you give me my money back if my order does not get to me within the average days or if the courier calls when I am not in?
Unfortunately, as we do not make deliveries ourselves, we are reliant on several couriers to get your goods to you. Getting a parcel across the country is not always easy and things can sometimes go wrong. Although we are normally able to achieve a very fast delivery, we cannot guarantee that your order will be with you within a specific timeframe and predicted delivery dates times are estimates only. Although you have the right to cancel should your order miss any deadline you might have, we won't be able to refund the shipping cost and you will have to pay for the goods to be brought back to us before a refund is issued.